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Five Essential Gears That Every Basketball Player needs

Five Essential Gears That Every Basketball Player needs

In this article, we can see the important equipment that every basketball player need for playing the game.

Nowadays most of peoples are interested in playing the basketball game. This game has become one of the games that help us to earn money if we are talented players. The equipment needed for basketball training is classified into basic equipment and personal equipment.

The basic equipment consists of the ball, shoes, shooting equipment and so on. The personal equipment consists of uniforms, eye, mouth, and nose protection wear and so on.

Five Essential Gears For Basketball Players:

In this topic, we can see the Five Essential Gears That Every Basketball player needs for playing the basketball tournaments. The equipment is listed one by one in detail.

  1. Ball:

This is considered to be an important thing in the basketball game. We need to follow some of the guidelines to buy a basketball. If you are buying the ball for practicing then it can be a rubber ball or you need to buy the inflated ball made of leather for professional competition. The size of a basketball is different for men and women.

  • For men, it can be of a size from 29.5 to 30 inches.
  • For women, it can be of size 28.5 inches.
  • The weight of the basketball is from 18 to 22 ounces. And it should bounce 49 to 54 inches from the floor.

2. Shoes:

While playing or getting trained in basketball we need specialized shoes. We need special shoes because it only provides support to the ankles when compared to the normal running shoes. These shoes should have a high tip and provides full comfort while playing this game. The basketball shoes are designed in such a way to maintain traction on the court of the basketball. 

3. Basketball Shooting equipment:

The basketball shooting equipment is known as hoop or basket. This basket is made of metallic rim and circular in shape. This equipment can be used to put the ball, once the ball comes through this hoop your score will increases.

4. Basketball Court:

The basketball court is next thing important for shooting the ball after the hook. The court where the match or tournament takes place is made up of the wooden floorboard. The court size differs from national to international tournaments.

The size of the international basketball court is 28mX17m.

The size of the national court is 29m X 15m.

 These standards are formed by the National Basketball Association (NBA). Normally the shape basketball court is a rectangle and the hoops are placed on the opposite sides of the court.

5. Backboard:

It is considered to be one of the five essential gears that every basketball player needs. It has the shape of the rectangle and placed behind the rim. It is used to provide the best rebound to the ball. The size of the backboard is 1800mm horizontally and 1050 mm vertically. The various components used to make the backboard are acrylic, aluminum, steel, or glass.

These are the five essential gears that every basketball player needs and its uses. Apart from this equipment, the other equipment needed for the basketball tournament is shot clock, uniform, and the whistle. These equipment are used to manage the whole tournament in a better and efficient way.

Other equipment used by the players:

In this topic, we can see other equipment used by the players while playing the basketball tournament. Apart from the five essential types of equipment used by the player the additional equipment are.

  • Uniform: uniform is the most essential component for getting trained in the basketball team. This helps to differentiate one team from another. It consists of a jersey, shorts, and the numbers printed on the front and back of the shirt.
  • Shot clock and whistle: They are used to maintain the game the whistle is used to stop in the middle and clock is used to view the time.


The above listed are the essential equipment which can be used to play them efficiently. Hence I hope that this article is helpful for the players who are passionate about basketball. With this equipment play the basketball tournament effectively.

How to make the custom basketball jersey at home using the heat press machine

How to make the custom basketball jersey at home using the heat press machine

In this article, we can see the process of making the basketball jersey using the heat press machine in the home.If you are a player in the basketball team and you need to design your own basketball jersey then read this article completely to design your jersey.

In this method, the heat press machine is used to print the designing on the jersey. A heat press is a tool which is specially designed press images on the various items. I want to say thank you to for knowing me details about this method. It works the same as the iron but it provides the best quality images on the jersey.

Steps involved in making jersey:

In this topic, we can discuss the steps for how to make the custom basketball jersey at home using the heat press machine?

  1. Preparing the transfer paper: first, you need to prepare the transfer paper, for preparing this follow the steps stated below.
  2. You need to choose the transfer. The various transfers available are Inkjet, laser printer, supplier or store bought transfer, Embroidered appliqués, and Die cut vinyl.
  3. Then you need to print the transfer with the picture and the letter you want in the jersey using the image edition program.
  4. In case if you are using the printed or store-bought transfers trim the transfer, to make the blank space of the jersey non-colored.
  5. Setting up the heat press: After designing the pictures, name, and number to be printed on the jersey, you need to set up the heat press machine. To set up the heat press machine properly follow the steps given below.
  6. First, open the heat press. To open this move the heat plate away from the silicone pad. Keep it open until the heat press machine gets heated.
  7. Then you need to adjust the temperature on the heat press machine. You can set the temperature based on the level provided in the transfer paper. Turn the thermostat knob clockwise, to start the heating process. Once the temperature is reached then turn the thermostat knob counter clockwise.
  8. Adjust the pressure of the heat press machine. To adjust the pressure turn the knob clockwise to increase the pressure and turn the knob counter-clockwise to decrease the pressure.
  9. Then you need to set the timer for printing the pictures on the jersey of the basketball. The time varies for different transfers, so according to that set your timer for printing.
  10. Pressing the shirt/ jersey: Finally, your basketball jersey is ready for the printing process. For this, you need to follow the steps provided below.
  11. First, you need to place the jersey on the plate of the machine at the appropriate position.
  12. Then you need to place the transfer paper in such a way that it faces down on the top of the shirt.
  13. Before starting the process ensure that the transfer paper which is placed in the pressure area is kept with the heat pad and the silicone pad.
  14. Then you need to cover the transfer paper on the top of the t-shirt.
  15. Close the press machine to start the printing process on the jersey.
  16. Click on the start button.
  17. After timing is completed open the heat press machine and takes the shirt away from the machine. You will see the image and the number on the shirt.
  18. If you need to make designs on the several basketball jersey places the jersey on the machine.

These are the best steps for how to make custom basketball jersey at home using the heat press machine. Follow these steps sequentially to design your jersey in the best way.


I hope that after reading this article, you are clear about the steps to make designs and your name on the basketball jersey. The heat press machine used to maintain the quality of the designs printed in the jersey for a long time.

The jersey is the most important component for playing the basketball game, as it allows us to differentiate between the two teams of the basketball tournament. Hence design your basketball jersey in your home easily using the heat press machine.

How To Avoid Basketball Injuries With The Presentation Tips

How To Avoid Basketball Injuries With The Presentation Tips

Normally, while playing any kind of outdoor game or sports you will be getting injured. Therefore, in this article, we can see how to prevent the injuries caused while playing basketball tournaments. Basketball is one of the most favourite sports among the more number of youngsters in the world.

It has been considered as an important sport in most of the countries such as Europe, the USA, and even more. They give all kinds of support and facilities to the players of Basketball tournaments. Hence the basketball player life is more sophisticated in most of the international countries.

Ways to prevent basketball injuries:

Ways to prevent injuries:

In this topic, we can see how to avoid basketball injuries with the presentation tips in detail. The various injuries are listed one by one in detail.

  1. Foot/ Ankle injuries:  The foot and ankle injuries are the most common among more number of basketball players in the tournament. The various injuries caused in the foot or ankles are rolling an ankle, getting hit from the ball on the ankle awkwardly, getting stepped on accidentally, and so on. The various prevention methods of this foot/ ankle injury are listed below.
  2. Wearing the best and supportive footwear.
  3. The indoor basketball shoes are used to prevent slipping on the court.
  4. Tape your ankle with the athletic tape for extra protection.
  5. Hip/ Thigh injuries: hip or thigh injuries are caused due to pivoting, running, jumping, and rebounding. It can also cause due to over-extending of the muscles or the ligaments. The prevention methods for this injury are.
  6. These kinds of injuries cannot be prevented, it happens to most of the players.
  7. Stretching is one of the best solutions to prevent this injury. Hence stretch your hips flexibly before going to play.
  8. Knee injuries: The knee injury is the third most common injury faced by the players in the basketball game. This is considered to be the minor sprains and minor strains. The prevention methods for this knee injury are.
  9. Strengthening the leg muscles is one of the best ways to protect from this injury. Hence to protect from this get the gym training.
  10. Before going for the game stretch your knees as thoroughly.
  11. The use of knee brace is the best choice in case you have weak knees.
  12. Wrist/ hand injuries: This kind of wrist or hand injury happens only in the rare situation. There is only an 11% chance to the cause of wrist injury according to the report taken in all the basketball tournaments. The preventive methods of this injury are.
  13. Always keep your hand and the wrist in a healthy position.
  14. Always keep eye on every player in the court, since it prevents the wrist injury by stopping the jams between two players.
  15. Don’t go into contact with the other players in the court unnecessarily.
  16. Head/face injuries: This head or face injury is caused due to accidental hit of the head or elbow of another player who is playing with you in the court. And it also happens due to the hitting of the ball on the face, this is the most worsen situation when compared to others. The preventive measures taken against this injury are listed below.
  17. The only preventative step is to be careful while playing the basketball tournaments.
  18. In case it happens to consider the symptoms if it worsens get the help from the medical profession.
  19. It is safe to get medical help if you got injured because it is considered to be the most important problem.

These are the steps that help you to understand how to avoid basketball injuries with the presentation tips.


On keeping the above-listed points in the mind play the basketball game safely and securely. Going to the gym will help you to safe from most of the injuries such as knee injury, hands and wrist injury, so on. Here listed are some of the common injuries caused in most of the basketball tournaments. Therefore make your game entertaining and enthusiastic with the safety and preventive measures listed in the above paragraph.

How To Play BasketBall And Get Paid For It

How To Play BasketBall And Get Paid For It

In this article, we can see the efficient ways to play the basketball game and tricks to be followed to get paid for playing basketball internationally.

Introduction of the basketball game:

Basketball is a kind of sport played between the two team members. Each team consists of a minimum of five players. The team which scores high by shooting the basketball through the hoop. The hoop is located 10 feet above from the ground. Each team should put the ball in the opposite hoop. This is the trick followed while playing basketball.

How to play basketball efficiently:

In this topic, we can see the steps you need to follow to become an efficient basketball player.

  1. Make your form of shot perfect: without the proper shot form, you can’t reach the goal. Hence to make your shot form perfect bend your knees, keep your elbow in the correct position, and keep your eyes in the correct position.
  2. Keep on practicing the dribbling and shooting: The most important thing is that you should practice by yourself first and after practicing perfectly you can practice with other persons.
  3. Confident: Apart from practicing, you should be 100% confident about your playing.
  4. Define your role: After practicing efficiently, choose the position which you are better whether to play in the paint or shooter. This helps you to become an efficient basketball player.
  5. Keep your defender guessing: The main thing you should do is don’t provide your opposite team a clear idea about what you are going to do? Make them always confused about your position.
  6. Practice playing with the people who are stronger than you: If you want to become an efficient basket player then it is essential to practice with the players who are stronger than you.
  7. Go to the next level: Always go to a higher position in a basketball team that is from middle school to high school and then college like this. Don’t stop yourself at one position.
  8. Play according to the weakness of the attacker: you should plan and play in such a way by knowing the weakness of your opposite team.
  9. You should be the best player on the team: practicing and playing well not only helps to become a good basketball player, but you should also encourage your team members while they are playing.
  10. Frequently change you’re shot up: To keep the opposite team in a confused stage always make the shot at different positions.

These are the various steps you need to follow to become a successful and efficient basketball player.

Earning Money by playing basketball:

As we have seen about the tricks that help you to become a successful basketball player in the above topic. Here we can see how to play basketball and get paid for it? Most of them play basketball very well but they don’t have knowledge about how to make money by playing this game.

For being successful basketball players in countries like China, Europe, France, and all other states of the US, You need to follow some tricks to make you notice among the persons. Since they don’t even who you are? So that you should take some innovative step to make you a popular basketball player.

  • Make a video of the last tournaments that you have played already. And request them to take the video as much clear as possible.
  • Then you need to upload your video on social media since it gets popularized in social media sites.
  • Ensure that your videos are looking good, because it is considered to be the resume for your job. This helps the agent to judges how you are performing.
  • Once you have completed the process of uploading the videos sent the application to the desired applicants.
  • Buy knowing your capabilities they are ready to sign in you as a basketball player in the International company and they will provide you good money for your skills.

These are some strategies or tricks that help to identify by the international agents.


I hope that after reading this article, completely you are clear about how to play basketball and get paid for it? Hence if you are passionate about basketball game then practice well and earn money through it internationally.

Basketball is a very interesting & enjoyable handball game

Basketball is a handball game consisting of two teams. Every team has five players on the court. The ball is bounced, rolled and finally put into the basket to score a goal. The way of scoring a goal is the same as in other goal-based games such as football, hockey, and ice hockey and so on. In a basketball game, the primate objective is to do your best to toss the basketball through the opposing team’s basket.

The basket in basketball is a net in the shape of a raised horizontal hoop. Basketball is so much interesting game that it has the power to hold all your attention from the beginning to the end. There are three possible ways that can be utilized to enjoy the game. One, you can play it physically.

The other, you can play it virtually or online from some reliable source. The third one, you can watch it being played between two teams through live streaming. Basketball is an addictive game as well. Once you are accustomed to playing or watching it, you can’t help playing it in all your free time.

The game is not only interesting but also very simple to understand. Basketball is equally enjoyable for people belonging to all sections of the community regardless of gender. The entire game-play based on handball, which means it doesn’t involve hitting the ball using your legs as you have to do while you are playing football nor can you make use of sticks such as in hockey game.

There are so many games that are enjoyable but basketball is something that is the biggest entertainment in the US. Basketball is not as old as other games. It was first invented in 1891. Ever since that day, much has changed. The most recent form of the game is way more interesting than it was in the past.

Basketball or Handball – a very popular sport worldwide

Based on a rectangular court, Basketball is a handball game which is a very popular sport worldwide. Two teams play this game and each team consists of five players each. For new players or amateurs, it is important to first learn basketball basics such as players’ positions, court layout, and concepts and so on. In the game, you need to oppose one another on the court which is rectangular.

James Naismith invented this sport in 1891 making it the only legend game that is intimately specific to the United States. Basketball is a very interesting and attention absorbing game from the beginning to the end. The game is much more similar to football with the only difference of using hands contrary to the use of legs as in football in order to hit the ball.

In football, you have to score goals by hitting the ball using your legs but in this game, you have to use your hands only. You are not allowed to make use of legs and in football, you are not allowed to use your hands. In this way, basketball gives you a different experience. The entire idea of the game involves the use of handball, which means you can use your hands to carry and throw the ball to one of your team’s player with the ultimate objective of scoring a goal.

The more your team will score goals, the higher the chances you will get to win the game. It is all right to say that the basketball is all about scoring back to back goals. You need to score as many goals as you can do. One player can’t be focused on this purpose, it is teamwork. Basketball is not as popular as football but it is not less popular in the United States of America.

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